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eDge computing ResoUrce allocatIon for Dynamic NETworks

Latest News

DRUID-NET | CHIST-ERA Projects Seminar 2023

CHIST-ERA Projects Seminar 2023


The paper entitled "AHP4HPA An AHP-based Autoscaling Framework for Kubernetes Clusters at the Network Edge", submitted by NTUA partner, won the best paper award in the Green Communication Systems and Networks Symposium of 2022 IEEE GLOBECOM conference.

DRUID-NET | Organized ID3C Workshop at Meditcom2022.

DRUID-NET’s organized the Intelligent Distribution of Computing in Cloud Continuum (ID3C) Workshop on 5th September in parallel with IEEE MeditCom 2022. The ID3C workshop was co-organized by five CHIST-ERA projects (DRUID-NET, LeadingEdge, CONNECT, DiPET and SCORING).

DRUID-NET | 5th Plenary Meeting.

DRUID-NET’s fifth plenary meeting took place at Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Uk from 23th-27th May 2022.

Sensors Special Issue

DRUID-NET partners edit the Special Issue on “Performance, Simulation and Modelling of Sensors Networks in the Context of IoT, Edge Computing, and AI” in MDPI Sensors Journal.

DRUID-NET | 4th Plenary Meeting.

DRUID-NET’s fourth plenary meeting took place at National Technological University of Athens from 22th-23th December 2021.

DRUID-NET | 3rd Virtual Plenary Meeting.

DRUID-NET’s third plenary meeting is virtually organized on 23th-24th of June 2021.

DRUID-NET publication is selected as an Editor Choice Article by MDPI Sensors.

DRUID-NET publication is selected as an Editor's Choice Article..

CHIST-ERA Projects Seminar 2021

DRUID-NET consortium participated in the CHIST-ERA Projects Seminar, which was virtually organized from 12th to 14th April 2021.

DRUID-NET | 2nd Virtual Plenary Meeting.

The DRUID-NET Consortium attended to the 4th Plenary Meeting.

DRUID-NET kick-off meeting

DRUID-NET kick-off meeting is virtually organized on 27th of May 2020.

European Control Conference (ECC20).

DRUID-NET goes on ECC 2020!


The DRUID-NET vision and challenges are published in MDPI Sensors Journal.

Project Abstract:
eDge computing ResoUrce allocatIon for Dynamic NETworks (DRUID-NET) is a three-year project under the CHIST-ERA programme. DRUID-NET aims to design and develop a new generation of workload estimators, performance models that efficiently capture the time-varying nature of IoT-based applications, dynamic networks, and edge computing infrastructure. Building on this framework, DRUID-NET aspires to develop novel resource allocation mechanisms that take explicitly into account service differentiation and context-awareness, and most importantly, provide formal guarantees for well-defined QoS/QoE metrics. Our research goes well beyond the state of the art also in the design of control algorithms for cyber-physical systems (CPS), by incorporating resource allocation mechanisms to the decision strategy itself. DRUID-NET project proposes a new generation of controllers, driven by a co-design philosophy both in the network and computing resources utilization. This paradigm has the potential to cause a quantum leap in crucial fields in engineering, e.g., Industry 4.0, collaborative robotics, logistics, multi-agent systems etc. To achieve these breakthroughs, we utilize and combine tools from Automata and Graph theory, Machine Learning, Modern Control Theory and Network Theory, fields where the consortium has internationally leading expertise.